Terms & Conditions & Frequently asked questions

Q: What do I need to supply for a caricature?
A. As most of my commissions are for gifts high quality, clear, front facing photos of the individual(s) are essential and they must be a recent compostion. It is very difficult to caricature young people under ten years, as their features have not yet developed but I will make every effort to ensure the character is instantly recognisable. I will not be able to capture features from a side views. If the appearance of the subject(s) is of an event in the future, I cannot guarentree a 100% likeness to hairstyles and clothing. Only supply a couple of photographs that you consider to be an exact representation of the character. Photos can can be sent by email, in the post or delivered to my home studio. It is extremely important state the eye colour of the person as this is generally difficult to assess from photographs. A rough guide to personality, hobbies and interests or a particular event is also a good idea. Please bear in mind that the overall cost will increase the more memorabilia is featured. Please call or email as to how much detail is required.

Q: How are the illustrations drawn?
A. Most of the Quicksketch™ or character work is done with a digital tablet straight to Macintosh computer but the more detailed compositions are constructed using Caran d'Ache pencil, watercolours and gouache. Portraits are illustrated the same way, although I prefer coloured Ingres paper to watercolour medium.

Q: When do I pay?
A. Payment is required on completion of the illustration and before posting or upload.

Q: What if I do not like the image or if it is not a good likeness?
A. Although every effort is made to capture the features of all individuals, the illustrations are at the end of the day, caricatures but if not entirley satisfied wiith the end result a partial refund can be made, to cover the cost of materials. Minor changes to Websketches™ can be made at additional cost.

Q: What paper is used?
A. Only high quality Bockingford or Daler Grain Fin watercolour paper.

Q: Can I have a jpeg image of the caricature sent to me?
A. Yes. A copy is sent via email automatically once payment is made. Proofs of all images are now sent as proofs before colour is applied.

Q: I have seen other caricatures that are clearly made from photographs and not hand drawn do you ever do this?
A. Absolutely not! All compositions are hand drawn.

Q: How long does a caricature take to complete?
A. I try my best to accomodate any reasonable time scale if possible but I normally send a proof from between 2 and 4 weeks. Groups or illustrations with more memorabelia may take longer. I may be able to complete a commission quicker but a surcharge will be applied.

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